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Special Education Advocacy and Consultation Services



I'm Sharon Bellao

With over 30 years in the field of education, I have worked in both regular and special education as a teacher, special education team leader, administrator, professional development speaker, and adjunct professor. I am certified with the State of Massachusetts as a teacher and administrator in both regular and special education and have experience working with students with a wide range of disability designations and ages.

I believe in working collaboratively and respectfully with the special education team in supporting your child and developing a plan that will provide the best possible learning experience. I am looking forward to working with you and your child.


Room 215B  is a young adult fiction novel geared towards your child's development of skills in self advocacy and understanding of their own abilities. The setting is in a public school and the characters in the story each have a diagnosed learning disability of different types on a journey of self exploration and successful navigation of their middle school learning. 

  • Students will enjoy reading a book with characters they can identify with while at the same time learning more about their own learning difference. Knowing you are not alone with a learning challenge can be empowering.

  • Teachers will gain a deeper understanding of their students and their own role in providing a safe and accessible learning environment for their students.

  • Administrators will take a step back into the classroom and deepen their understanding of how they can provide support to teachers and students in their building.

  • Parents will find this book an excellent resource aiding them in getting a peek into their child's world and the dynamics within a school.


  • I am available for workshops and professional development utilizing this book as a training tool and point of discussion. The subject matter is based on experiences during my first year of teaching and throughout my career in public education. The characters are based on a compilation of my beloved students to whom I always promised I would write this book for them someday.

Room 215B Book Cover by Studio88PhotoDesign.


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I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of my new book entitled

 Room 215B 

Date to be announced soon!


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